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With G+D’s innovative technical solutions and individualization services, you can turn conventional payment cards into powerful service-providing tools. Offering personalized smart cards with mobile and contactless services increases your customer loyalty and satisfaction, while significantly minimizing the impacts of fraud


We have a proven track record in developing EMV solutions – the most secure and versatile payment card chip-technology pioneered by Europay, Visa, and Mastercard. We offer full services and products on a modular-basis to fit your exact technical requirements and budgets.

Benefits of EMV solutions by G+D

  • Dynamic, combined and static authentication

  • Can be used as transit tickets, loyalty cards, and physical or logical access

  • Faster personalization for in-house and third-party card fulfillment

  • Faster chip performance during transaction – contact and contactless

  • State of the art security

  • Standard personalization scripting based on EMV Common Personalization Specifications

  • All configurations available: 6 PIN, 8 PIN, gold or palladium contact plates

  • Maximum backward compatibility


Features of G+D EMV Services

  • Fast and reliable migration service

  • Full implementation

  • Key and data management process

  • End-to-end data encryption

  • Card configuration (EMV keys and certificates)

  • Card personalization with secure logistics and fulfillment

  • PIN management and generation

  • Consulting on system integration, project management, and technology

  • Online portal providing information for production and product lifecycle management

  • Configurable applications for highest data security

G+D Services for EMV Cards

  • From delivering standard products to customer-specific smart card development

  • Applet development

  • Card and chip personalization

  • Bureau services

  • Instant issuance

  • Online portal

  • Technical support

  • Consulting

  • 50% faster to market – best in class personalization performance



G+D’s Convego® Join, a multi-application product line that combines Java™ and GlobalPlatform technologies, is an invaluable tool for this fast-developing market. With Convego® Join, issuers can tailor their card products and devices to individual needs and install value-added applications onto one smart card.

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