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Cardelio Ltd, was founded by David Avlagon and Ori Fuchs as a Spin-Off from ORT Tech Systems (a subsidiary of MER Group). The company specializes in providing security solutions and services for the Telecom and Payment worlds.

In conjunction with MER Group (, Cardelio provides marketing, operations and support for G+D telecom and payment products and solutions.
G+D (, is a global leading provider of solutions and products for securing payment process, identities, connectivity and data.


Ori Fuchs
CEO and Co-Founder

Ori joined Cardelio after serving 20 years in the high tech industry in several leading positions. In his last role, Ori served as the CEO of ORT Tech, a subsidiary company of MER group, providing solutions and products in the Telecom and Payment worlds, as well as innovative SaaS based products for the Smart transportation market.

Previously, Ori served as VP delivery and services in Comverse, responsible for the majority of the deliveries and services for the Value Added Services Division.

Ori holds Master of Business Administration from Bar Ilan University (with honors) and a BSc in Chemical engineering from the Ben-Gurion University.

David Avlagon
CTO and Co-Founder

David Avlagon has over 16 years experience in the Smart cards technology, Information Security and  project management. 

Working with leading banks and smart card vendors, David gain a unique and extensive knowledge on the smart card technology, specializing in the financial & telecom industries.

In recent years he has led the activity of reselling EMV & SIM cards in Israel as well as on going consultency on personalization, data preparation systems and Cryptography, for banks and credit card companies.

In addition, as an information security team leader for the 2nd largest credit card company in Israel he was responsible for the entire implementation of personalization system, security activities and infrastructure for the issuing of EMV cards.

As an information security manager for one of the biggest mobile operators  he was responsible for all  security aspects of the migration from CDMA to GSM network.

David’s recent roles have utilized his extensive and diverse hands-on technology and technical experience, particularly in the mobile and payment industry. 

Up-to-date knowledge across a broad range of current and relevant technologies allows him to be highly involved in the strategic business aspects of particular projects, yet retaining the ability to communicate at a technology level.

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