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Integrate SIM-based identity services and solutions with the ideal eSIM platform.

G+D offers a full-service solution, which contains SIM, device software, platform, service, management, and partners. Further solutions, such as mobile device management, mobile marketing, billing support system integration, and quality of service monitoring, can also be integrated to expand your service offering and help you take a leading role in these exciting markets.

Embedding dynamic SIM cards into wearables, smart appliances, and other data-sensor applications during the manufacturing process will expose new and creative business models to explore.



One-stop-shop for connectivity, payment and security enablement

The growing market for wearable technology is transforming the consumer journey. Added functionality, such as mobile payments, access, and remote health checks, are in demand. An experienced partner like G+D supports you in providing these services with secure credential management throughout device lifecycles.

G+D drives our wearables solutions with our enablement platform and full range of passive and active products.




Service Aggregation for ALL Mobile Payments

The world of financial services is evolving ever faster, bringing both threats and great opportunities. Regulatory changes allow new arrivals on the scene, such as mobile-first players, to offer attractive new products and services. Stay competitive with the smartest and safest consumer solutions out there. Protect and enhance your brand by optimizing the omni-channel and especially the mobile-user experience, and offering constant engagement.

Convego® Hub – scalable, flexible, and highly secure

Unique choice of full tokenization services

G+D’s Convego® Hub is a complete solution that supports an issuer's own (HCE) wallet and works seamlessly with any payments scheme and with any OEM mobile technology, for instance Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android® Pay.

It is the only available solution that provides such services. 




Time is money – or these days, time is payment cards, SIM cards, and payment apps. At G+D, we understand the pressures and pride ourselves on delivering to our customers highly secure, quality products in the shortest possible time. Thanks to G+D Mobile Security’s infrastructure, end-users can immediately start using their cards and apps with complete confidence.

Issue any kind of card instantly and safely

G+D Mobile Security's remote card issuance service allows any kind of card to be issued instantly and safely at the point of sale or contact with full personalization and ID checking. For security-sensitive industries like finance, transport, and events, remote issuance is crucial for customer protection and satisfaction.



As industries embrace digitalization, online crime is becoming more organized and more advanced. Our suite of fraud and identity management solutions is designed to protect against identity theft, malware and ransomware every step of the way.


G+D offers a modular approach to fraud and identity management. Our solutions address all industries and cover numerous fields of applications. One of the most prominent is payments – in store at the point of sale (POS), at home via the internet, or in-app on a mobile device. Card-not-present (CNP) fraud is a growing challenge that impacts all industries.



Interactive mobile advertising – your gateway to more advertising revenue

Media buyers, brands, and content providers are looking for media that yields better conversion rates – media that is more personable, intuitive to use, and interactive in both push and pull mode. G+D solutions give you full control over media in the mobile marketing channel enabling conversion or response rates ten times more effective than traditional channel

Lack of consistent, interactive, and available communication channels can hamper a mobile marketing campaign, and many businesses are failing to make use of proper strategies. Agencies and carriers continue to struggle with conversion rates below 1% and with meeting client expectations for more engaging and richer media. Media sellers and carriers are seeking inventories that increase eCPM and create new advertising revenue to overcome declines in traditional lines of revenue, such as value-added services, carrier billing, or SMS bulk

4 upsides to G+D's mobile marketing approach you don't want to miss

  • Access to 100% of devices in the market

  • Interactive and event-awareness campaigns

  • Flexible or tailored deployment offerings based on customer needs

  • Leveraging the SIM card to engage with end customers




Manage billions of devices with real-time scalability

Whatever your strategy as an MNO, flexibility in the face of a rapidly growing number and diversity of devices, and the complexity that creates, is essential for future competitiveness in an IoT-enabled world. G+D offers the proven and future-proof connectivity service management platform MNOs need to scale rapidly in this context, without interrupting customer service access.

Market requirements dictate the use of Network functions and software-defined virtualization to create the reliable building blocks for delivering communications services. The need to launch new services on any network quickly in order to gain or maintain competitive advantage is also crucial.

It will become even more so when 5G networks come online.

Benefits of G+D OTA solutions for device end users

  • Faster access to content and applications

  • Seamless onboarding to new services

  • Always-on, trustworthy service access, even during upgrades.



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